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In the beginning, even in the most uncertain housing market, we opened a forward-thinking real estate brokerage, built not just to survive but to thrive in changing times. Many were quick to dismiss us, preferring to focus on the ways of the past, rather than how things should, and could be done in the future. In contrast, we saw the need to embrace the future as if it was upon us today – to lead the industry in bold and creative ways that could forever change things for the better. This wasn’t just a dream, it was a plan of action. Our rapid growth was achieved, and continues, because we know the actions we take today impact our tomorrow. We don’t wait for change, we make change happen!

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An important part of our coolture is waking up everyday with a positive attitude, knowing you are going to win. It creates an environment of winning team spirit and thrives on your drive to succeed.

Our Declaration of UNdependence

The key to success is to work hard but have fun while you’re doing it! These 11 principles shape and define us.

This is our Declaration of UNdependence:

I. UNtraditional in everything we do!
II. UNmatchable Coolture
III. UNbelievable experiences for everyONE
IV. UNselfish in local communities
V. UNconditional ONE love
VI. UNlimited support and care
VII. UNlock rockstar potential
VIII. UNcoaching creatively
IX. UNmarketing uniquely
X. UNstoppable momentum
XI. UNignorable Positude


This communicates our ONE goal to succeed with you. We’re opening doors and moving forward to create success in your business, so spread the word about the ways you’re opening doors for everyone, everyday!


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